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If you and your group require transportation, consider choosing a MAXI TAXI service. MAXI TAXI is your ideal option, offering accommodation for up to 10 passengers, ample luggage space, and expert drivers to ensure your journey is smooth and enjoyable. Whether you’re embarking on a night out or embarking on a memorable vacation, easily locate MAXI TAXI services through our convenient app or website.

Up to 10 Passengers

The greater the number, the happier the occasion!

Fits You and Your Luggage

Life is too short to pack light- take that extra bag!

Comfortable and Modern

Clean, comfy and cool – what more could you want?

Fare Estimates

Going from A to B and need a fare estimate?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MAXI TAXI?

A Motor Taxicab is specified as any motor vehicle built or adapted to bring not greater than 10 guests omitting the chauffeur for hire or reward, and Maxi Cabs implies any kind of automobile constructed or adapted to carry more than 4 passengers.

How many seats are in a maxi?

However, a typical Maxi Cab can accommodate anywhere from 7 to 11 passengers, including the driver. The most common configuration is a 11-seater Maxi Cab, which has seating for 9 passengers in the rear and 1 passengers in the front alongside the driver.

How many people fit in a MAXI TAXI Australia?

10 to 11 passengers

How to order a MAXI TAXI in Melbourne or Geelong?

How do I book a MAXI TAXI in Melbourne or Geelong? Booking our MAXI cab service is the same as booking any Melbourne taxi or cab in Victoria. You can book via  online through our website, or over the phone on 0468 330 509. All you need to know is your destination, your pickup address, and when you’d like to ride.

Do maxi taxis have baby seats?

Our drivers are experienced in fitting baby seats to the vehicles so you can totally rely on us for the safety of your new-borns. We aim to provide a quality rich service with the baby seat fitted in the car at no additional cost. We also provide you an option to use your own child car seat in our maxi cabs.

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